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"Wow. That is impressive. We know you love chess, but why did you choose to make your chess world online and not in the real world?" - "Internet is a part of our real world. The reason is that my team and I wanted to show as much people as we can the beauty of chess. And to share with them our passion for it. And the best way to do that is the internet. Not much people would go and buy a chess board because they want to try playing it, but many would make a click or two in order to try it out."

"Was it harder to get it started than it is hard now to keep making it better and up-to-date?" - "I don't think it's hard to keep it up-to-date. We wait for the ideas to come. We do not force ourselves to come up with something new every now and then, because the results would not be this good and it is much more important to do the best you can, than to have new version with minor or not important changes every month or two. But the begining was hard. We worked really long on the solutions and had only a little time for other projects we were working on. But it was worth all the time we have spend developing it."

"Your chess portal is really popular on the internet, but your chess app is the one that gets the most attention. It is because it is number one in the Google Play Store. How did that happen?" - "We followed our dreams, that is how it happened. Every idea we have we take seriously and think a lot about it. Actually, more than 60% of the time we are working on a project we spend on developing the ideas. In this case it was the second version that had some major changes, thanks to the idea of one of my colleagues that made the game so popular."

"Do your children love chess already?" - "They are to young, but my oldest son knows the names of all the figures now, and shows a big interest for chess. I hope they will love it, but if not it's their decision, I won't force them into doing something they don't like." "And what about your wife?" - "She is not a huge chess lover. But she tries every now and then just to show me that she cares. But she is really bad so I don't mind that she doesn't want us to play more often." David Azzato replied.

"Is there anything new coming in your chess world?" - "Well, I can tell you only this: We are working on something new, that we believe will become much bigger that the portal and app combined." "Can we know when will we be able to experience it?" - "We don't have a deadline. We have to come up with some more solutions and to develope the environments and make the engineering part but it will be soon."

There was no more time for further question but David Azzato gave us the promise he would talk to us once the "something new" comes out.

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