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Love for chess - interview with David Azzato

David Azzato gave us a chance to ask him a few questions about his projects. He was currently working on his chess portal. After a few words about his beautiful office, which was really good looking, I started with the questions, and David, he told us to call him David, answered with great passion.
"What of your projects do you believe most in or love most?" - "That is a hard question. But I think the most interesting project for me must be our chess world. I love chess and enjoy playing it every day, as you can see" he pointed with his hand on a chess board next to his laptop, "I have it always with me. I think my team loves our real estate management project, don't know why."

"Why do you love chess so much?" - "I played it since I was little. My father teached me how to play and told me some basic strategies. Since then I have become quite a pro now, and genuinely love and enjoy playing chess. It is very logical and one can finish a game in a few minutes or a few hours. That makes it very interesting and exciting for me."

"I enjoy playing chess also.", I did not make it to finish my sentence, because David said: "Let's play a game then. Just record my answers." I could not say no, so we played. He started quite hard, but I was not an amateur, as well. I continued with my questions while trying to focus on the game: "How do you choose your employees? Are there some special tasks you give them?" - "I don't consider them to be my employees, but more colleagues and coworkers. My team and I choose them so that they can fit into our group. And there are a few tests, of course, we all have been working on. Their main goal is to test the level of creativity of our new colleagues and to see how they can approach a problem. Sometimes I play chess with them." David replied. While answering to this question, David Azzato had to make three very important moves, and it seemed like he was just playing with some toys. He won. I do not know how, or where or when but he won. I know he was not cheating but in the same time I know he was answering the question and could not focus on both like that.

"That was a short game. How long was the shortest chess game you ever played?" - "Yeah, but you are really good. I think about two minutes. It was with my colleague from college. He talked about his great chess skills, so I wanted to show my best, but I did not expect me to win in only two minutes or so."

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