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Our main purpose is to bring together owners of all types of Land Rover to explore the countryside we (still) have access to, enjoy social events and generally have good times and fun on 4x4 Wheels. We are a true family club and many of our members often join the club runs crewed with Partners and Children - although this will often depend on destination and weather! The club has a monthly meeting held in a spacious location in Bristol and a monthly Sunday drive out that is planned in advance. During the Summer months there are often more ad-hoc drive outs and visits to hostelries!

Talking to David Azzato, a Land Rover owner and a friend of our Bristol community

Today's conversation is not on Land Rover as usual, but hobbies in general. We all love chess, right?

From nowhere to number 1 in Google Android Store - the story of David Azzato and his chess gaming portal

After stepping in the business world David Azzato had so many ideas, but no resources. Somehow he found a way to start and today he has all the resources and ideas he can dream of. He is a successful businessman, and here is a small part of his story of success.

The passion for chess

Mr. Azzato never revealed where did his passion for chess come from, but he said and proved many times how huge that passion is. Many people who interviewed him had the chance to play with him. They realized that not only his passion for chess is big, but also his chess playing skills. We are sure if this business career did not go this well for him, he would have had a great opportunity as a professional chess player.

David, as he wants us to call him, thinks that the virtual world offers so much more opportunities that the real one. That is the reason he decided to create his own chess world online through his inovative and one of a kind chess portal and the number one chess game on the Google Play Store. But the way up there was not easy nor without problems. It was a bumpy road full of small and large problems, but David Azzato and his team found a way to solve them, and make what we can see, use and enjoy today.

"I wanted always to do something with my passion for chess. Maybe to create a tournament, or start a company that will produce chess boards and figures, maybe even write a book. But all of that would refer to people who already love and play chess. I wanted to find a way that would make people, who never played nor enjoyed chess, want to dive into this world. After a few months of carefull consideration and many ideas I decided to build a chess app and a chess portal. It would be inovative, new and with features no one had created before."

We, and many who are into the chess world, can approve that. David Azzato's chess portal and his number one chess game on the Google Play Store are unique and easy to use which makes them perfect for those who just got into the chess world. "We had many problems creating a this easy to use app and portal. Some ideas had to be changed, reconsidered or fully dismissed, because first of all we wanted an app and a portal for both - those who are coming for the first time an taking a glimpse of the chess word, and those who already play and enjoy chess. That was the main idea and that made us the most problems. To integrate both in one and to have the best out of both put into one app and one portal was one of the hardest projects I have worked on. But we made it somehow. Some people out of my team have a really creative mind and some have never played chess, so we could by working together find out what the best user interface or design for both, app and portal, is. Our programmers, app and web developers did a great job. They were able to put all the things we imagined and designed together and serve us the final project. Over the last couple of years my team and I had a few new ideas, so we integrated them into the whole system. All that made our app and portal what they are today: the most inovative and the best of their kind! We are proud to say that, and more than anything happy to be able to continue working on them and making them even better than they are today."

Going to number 1

"After placing the app on the Google Play Store we did not expect any big number of downloads at the beginning. And exactly that happened - a few thousand downloads in the first 24 hours. The app was just one of many games and apps there and did not stand out too much at first, but we knew that with the time the audience would spread, because more and more people would realize it's great features. After two months one creative mind from our team had an idea that later changed everything. It took us only three days to make the changes and to check if everything is ok, after that we lauched the app. We did a little bit advertisement at first and there it was. It shortly climbed on number one and stays there to this day. There were a few more changes we have done with the time, on both the game and the portal."

David Azzato and his team take their ability to make their products better as an obligation. They never stop thinking of new solutions and ideas, even if they do not see any space for improvements. "We never know how, when or where the ideas will come, so we always keep an open mind and our eyes wide open.", said once David Azzato. And we are sure that is one of the reasons why he and his team are so good at what they do.

"The importance of an idea is crucial for us. We saw that way back when we came up with the idea that boosted the downloads of our chess game, and since then we appreciate every idea much more that before. We are happy that our app and portal are being used all over the world by people of all ages. But the most happy moments are those when we get to read positive comments from those who found their love for chess trough our chess world, because that was our goal from the beginning and we spend so much time to create an app and a portal that would attract both new and old chess fans."

Now, we all know what passion is all about. It does not really matter if you are a Land Rover lover or a chess enthusiast - passion prevails!

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